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We develop wearable AI-based drone detectors for everyday civilian use by travelers, farmers and homeowners

The ultra-small UAVs have posed challenges that no country is fully prepared to address. Too small to be detected by traditional methods, the affordable drones can operate up to 40 miles away from their launch site, violating privacy, secrecy, and beyond. Ukraine accepts the challenge.

What We Do

Our Devices

Obriy v2.0, a wearable, AI-based drone detector for tourists

Obriy 2.0 detects UAVs and interference sources by their radio frequency signatures using an AI model, SDR, FPGA, MCU, and sensor fusion. The product is intended for to be used by travelers and farmers.

Obriy-S, a stationary paparazzi drone counteraction system

A version of the device with enhanced drone location capabilities, adapted for outdoor installation on buildings, vehicles, or masts. The product is intended for home use / mansions.

Stribog, an ultra-light signal intelligence system

This ultra-light autonomous (under 0.5 kg) signal intelligence system can be installed on an FPV drone to guide it toward signal or interference sources. The product is intended for scientific purposes.


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