Obriy Drone Detectors

Obriy 1.3, an algorithmic drone detector (produced, sold & used in Ukraine)

Price: 650 EUR

This wearable device detects the approach and direction of DJI-type and FPV drones from 2.5 to 4 km away.

It is intended to be used by tourists, travelers, homeowners, and farmers, to protect their privacy and safety.

It continuously scans 1.2G / 2.4G / 5.8G bands and identifies the presence of drone signals while filtering out interferences using a proprietary software algorithm.

The device has undergone successful field testing, is mass-produced, and receives regular software updates.

The functionality of the Obriy detector version 1.3:

  • Detection of FPV, DJI, and Autel drones on the 1.2GHz, 2.4GHz, and 5.8GHz bands
  • Automatic scanning
  • The possibility of receiving and displaying video images from the FPV drone on the screen
  • The ability to distinguish between FPV and DJI drones
  • WIFI ignore mode
  • Alarm threshold calibration mode
  • Intuitive change of alarm activity depending on signal strength (the stronger the signal from the drone, the faster the device beeps and vibrates)
  • The possibility of connecting headphones for silent signaling
  • Direction finding mode (you can determine where the drone signal is coming from in 15-20 seconds)
  • Battery life is 8 hours
  • Blackout mode (the ability to turn off the LEDs)
  • The possibility of turning off the sound alarm
  • Ability to disable scanning on selected bands
  • Drone detection mode only 200-500 meters away from you
  • USB data transfer for visualization purposes

Video: Obriy 1.2 detects an FPV at 2100m at an altitude of 90m (in Ukrainian):

Detection start: 2500m (Mavic 3 at 300m altitude in open terrain with an omnidirectional antenna; the video below demonstrates FPV detection at 2100m at 90m altitude).

Maximum detection range: 4000m (tested with Mavic 3 at 500m altitude and an omnidirectional antenna).
Continuous alarm: 500m (Mavic 3 at 100m altitude with an omnidirectional antenna).

Detection below the surface: up to 100m (Mavic 2, three meters below the surface in a forest with an omnidirectional antenna).

* As tested on FPV drones, Mavic 3, Mavic 2, Mavic 3 Classic, and others. For the maximum detection range, please calibrate the device according to the manual.

Performance characteristics

Designed forProfessionals who inspect the land using drones, foot travelers, foresters, hunters, safari car crews, scientists, etc.
How to useYou can carry the device in a bag or put it in a trench
Frequencies1080 – 1360MHz, 2370 – 2510 MHz, 5560 – 5945 MHz
The principle of workRadio radiation detection, with short pulse filtering and WiFi filtering
Sensitivity-85 dBm on the bands 2.4 і 5.8, and -95 dBm on 1.2
AntennasOne directional antenna for each of the bands, and two non-directional ones of different sensitivities for each of the bands
ConnectorUSB type C
Detector, three pairs of antennas, USB type C cable
Battery10 000 mAh
Battery charge is enough for8 hours
The possibility of direction-finding+

Resistant to dust and water drops, but prolonged exposure to rain or immersion will damage the device

Obriy 2.0: data science-powered drone detector (under development)


Obriy 2.0 detects UAVs and interference sources by their radio frequency signatures using a proprietary AI model, trained on our database of drone signatures. The detector technology includes SDR, FPGA, MCU, and fusion sensors.

The detectors have network capabilities and share information with each other using ultra-low-power transmitters. They also include basic drone protection systems based on pre-recorded proprietary signals. The network of detectors can be augmented with computational and drone protection units.

With the operator’s consent, the detectors regularly submit newly captured signatures to the R&D center, assisting in building what is set to become the world’s most comprehensive drone RF signature database, used for training AI models. This is the very basis for the business model, which is based on selling subscriptions for regular AI model updates, trained on the most recent UAV signatures gathered worldwide.

Obriy S: perimeter protection (under development)

A stationary version of the device with improved performance and enhanced drone location capabilities, adapted for outdoor installation on buildings, vehicles, or masts. Networks of devices of this version are intended for defending the perimeters of critical facilities, including airports, factories, and power plants, as well as monitoring compliance with UAV-related regulations.

Stribog: locating the signal source using AI (under development)


This ultra-light autonomous (under 0.5 kg) signal intelligence system can be installed on an FPV drone to guide it toward signal sources, such as uncooperative tourists or mischievous drone operators.