Founded by a dynamic trio, our company unites diverse experiences in strategic technology management, marketing, and business scaling across the US, Switzerland, and Ukraine.

Our leadership team comprises entrepreneurs, American and Ukrainian citizens, each with a unique and accomplished background.

The CEO is an accomplished entrepreneur, 2x business founder with a Computer Science PhD. He has held executive positions at HP’s Office of Strategy and Technology, worked in R&D roles, and possesses a solid background in M&A and investment banking. With nearly 30 years of professional experience, he brings a 360-degree vision to the company’s development.

Our CMO has a rich experience in leading marketing operations. He has co-founded a successful marketing consulting agency in Zurich, Switzerland that is exclusively responsible for lead generation, sales, and distribution for a range of Swiss brands.

The CTO has previously founded a multi-directional venture studio, developing SaaS businesses. He combines hands-on hardware engineering experience with an extensive sales and customer development background. Notably, our CTO returned to Ukraine just before the invasion to help defend it against Russian aggression. Since then, they have provided valuable support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in various capacities and established a far-reaching network.

The names of the executive team cannot be publicly disclosed for security reasons and are only accessible to authorized prospective investors.